A Bad Day

It started out well. I had good intentions. The grass in the yard has got a little taller. I have been watching it grow for a while now. I really need to get out the lawn mower but there are so many other things I want to do. Things that are a lot more fun to do. I remember the last time I had to cut the tall grass. The walk along with 17 inch mower was self propelled and was easy to use but some time ago the self propelled part broke and was too expensive to fix. Now things have changed. The wonderful 17 inch self propelled mower which was a dream to use has become 17 inch (You Push It Yourself) nightmare. As I wheeled it out to the area of highest density and started it up is when I realized that I should have stayed in bed that Saturday morning at least until Monday. I pulled the cord (it didn’t come with a battery) it started up on the first pull, great here we go. It soon stopped running, died with a cough, sounded like it was choking to death. It must be a dirty air filter again or water got into the gas. Ok, it only noon now lets start it up again. It’s a hot day, it’s very humid and I am dripping with sweat but the job has got to be done. Again it started up on the first pull. I almost didn’t see the black slithering snake dart off in the other direction but I did notice the green striped garden hose that I just cut in half hidden beneath the mower in all that xyx@#f grass while pushing that xyz@#ff mower. It was so nice lying in bed this morning watching through the window as the sun came up behind the trees highlighting the daylily garden. As I pushed my way over to where the garden was something attracted my attention away from my chore of lawn mower pushing. One of the daylily buds that I saw the night before was now fully open proudly displaying its colors in all its glory. How beautiful it is. I had to stop and gaze on for a while. When things are not going well in your life you need to stop for a while and look for the beauty in nature. It’s all around you. Just look for it. It can change your whole day.   

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