Single or Double which one will you be?

The answer to this question is you will have to wait until the bud opens. Signature Truffle, a Hemerocallis daylily, has just opened this morning. It is a beautiful single bloom flower. The colors are magnificently defined. The petals are Coral peach rose with a gold edge above a huge clover leaf yellow to lime throat. So, I get out my camera, tripod and favorite lens to record this beauty. Keep in mind that we have a lot of these same buds forming on many different fans of the same daylily. Every year we see fifty to eighty blooms from the same species that should be all alike. But not so. Out of all the hundreds of buds that open up, some will open as a single bloom and some will open as a double. Signature Truffle does not look like the daylily the hybridizer described. It was supposed to be a double. A double bloom is has more petals than usual and can be quite beautiful. Why this happens, I don’t know. My best guess is a simple answer and that it is just a twist of nature and all is well.          

4 thoughts on “Single or Double which one will you be?”

  1. How can you tell when they double? They kinda look all the same for me ( I’m obviously not knowledgeable about it)
    I love them all anyways!


    1. In technical terms, a Double daylily bloom has only three petals with three Sepals that look like petals. The Sepals are the bud cover and when it opens the inside is colored to match or blend with the petals. If you have more than three petals it is a Double. Remember the Sepals are not counted as petals. In simpler terms, a Single will have no more than six petals but on a Double more petals will protrude from the center and can become very crowded and sometimes very lovely


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