Wind Frills blooms

Wind Frills 28 Dec 17 IMG_5776

On a dark, cold and raining morning on 28 December 2017 at approximately 7:00am one of three buds on a daylily named Wind Frills came into this world and opened itself up in full bloom to the world on the opposite side of the blooming cycle. Alone and in a strange place, awoke and seems to look around at an empty and cold garden to find its place among all the sleepers not yet ready for the warm Spring rains that will signal their rise to glory. It surely must know that by sunset it will have slowly faded away into the darkness of the night and never be seen or noticed by all the others. Why does it bloom when all the others are still asleep? How do we relate this phenomenon to the human adventure when a few are awake when many are still asleep?

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