Record the beauty

Explosion of color Mix 21 IMG_5177

You will want to take pictures. I take lots of pictures. My camera is a Canon with a 135mm lens. This is what I use to take the pictures you see on this site. If you want to take good pictures there are things you need to know. I use manual mode where I will have more control. I use an f stop like f16 or f22 to get more depth of field for a sharper picture. With a small f stop the shutter speed will have to be slower. Now a tripod may be needed to hold the camera steady. I use an ISO setting of 800 to reduce the noise in this digital camera or in a film camera the grain. Don’t forget to watch the background for things or objects you don’t want to appear in the picture. This is the easy part. Next you will want to edit your pictures in Photoshop or other software where you can zoom in or crop, correct the color and make other adjustments to enhance the beauty of the pictures. I have taken good pictures with my smart phone and my Ipad camera but I don’t have the control like I have with my Canon.

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