Your eagerly awaited reward has arrived

Bud Viennese Truffle 300x350 30 Jun 17 IMG_5358

Now we are getting to the good part. Just watch, in late March or early April for buds to start forming at the base of each fan. This is the beginning of the event to come. Some day in late April or May you will walk out to your garden in the freshness of the early morning and will be greeted with many colorful little smiling faces. This is what you have been waiting for. This is your reward. This will continue each day till some time in July when they all will rest and prepare for the next spring. When they are all blooming, get closer, smell their fragrance, but don’t get pollen on your nose. Look at the awesome detail of their structure and you will be amazed and come to love them. They will remember you and greet you again in the Spring to come.

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