A twist of nature


Graceful Eye (L), Goldenzelle (R) 8 Jun 17 IMG_5141

Pollen 2 Graceful Eye 17 Jun 17 IMG_5254


Pollen 1 Lovely LadyBug 25 Apr 17 IMG_4614

We have been growing daylilies successfully for a number of years. We have increased the size of our garden by doing it the normal way, the way most people do who love daylilies. We take good care of each plant and give it everything it needs to thrive and reproduce. Soon it will pay us back with new or baby fans which will bloom true to its parents. This is a beautiful thing if you like more of the same. Theresa and I enjoy seeing and raising new varieties but the only way we have to do this is to buy new varieties from other growers or hybridizers. We have had conversations lately and discussed the possibility of hybridizing our own. Just think about it, we could cross breed some of our plants and come up with a beautiful new bloom which no one has ever seen before and give it a new name, one of our own choosing. To be honest we don’t have a clue how this is done but we are researching this. Kathy’s Daylilies is a good place to start. They are doing this successfully and it is a great place to start. We have provided a link to their website. Check it out. You will be amazed. To put it simply, as Kathy’s friend said to her, “You just put pretty on pretty”. But I am sure there is a little more to it. You are fooling around with Mother Nature but the rewards can be worth it. Who knows, maybe Mother Nature just hasn’t got around to it yet. I am sure she would approve.


So far my limited research has shown me that hybridizing can be simple or complex depending on how in depth you wish to pursue your passion. There is something here for everyone. Watch Mother Nature and let her give you a hint as how it is done. A few YouTube videos will take you through the steps in this process to get you started. Check out the links.


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