This is very unusual

Wind Frills December buds IMG_5762

It is very unusual to have a daylily in bud in December but Wind Frills has managed for some reason only known to nature. While the other 100 plus varieties all hunkered down for the winter season. The coming cold could be harsh for this lonely daylily. It will require our personal attention and care to survive and bloom. When the overnight temperature is going below 40 degrees we will bring it into the warmth of the house. Since all of our daylilies are in 5 Gallon pots this is easy to do. The only problem we have with this is our pet cat named “Cat” loves to chew on any and all green house plants and it’s like trying to keep squirrels out of the bird feeder. Wind Frills should bloom in January and when it does we will show you a nice picture.
P.S. “Cat”, a totally black kitten with green eyes appeared one day from out of nowhere and claimed us as her new owners. I found her in the yard one day, lost, alone, hungry and abandoned. I never saw myself as a cat person but what else could I do but pick her up, bring her into my home and offer her a dish of milk. She is now a part of the family.


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