Propagation of the Third Kind

Three ways to increase the size of your daylily garden.

Watch for new fans to emerge next to the parent plant. Separate them carefully and relocate them to their own place in the garden.

Let the bees, butterflies and Humming Birds do their job. Save and store the seeds after pollination for replanting later. Mother Nature will surprise you and give you different colors from the seeds. You can even cross-pollinate different blooms from different daylilies your self and experiment for new colors.

Watch for proliferations of young new plants or fans forming on the stems where buds have formed and bloomed but have died and fallen off. When you see the roots emerging cut off the stem below the young fan or proliferation and put them into moist soil.

Note: Not all daylilies will produce proliferations.

Either way it is a lot of fun and you may learn something new.

This is for my daughter Rachel who has shown an interest in daylilies and eagerly awaits the challenge and willing to learn something new and rewarding.

Proliferation 23 July 18 IMG_7584

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