Year 2018

This year 2018 started out well. In the month of May just as expected our daylilies were full of swollen buds in every direction we looked. The mornings were pleasant and the sun was warm. With the daylilies blooming everywhere in the early morning I was setting up my camera and tripod each day to begin taking the photographs that I enjoyed so much every year. Then it started to rain. It is now the end of July and still it rains every day. The temperature stays around 85 to 95 degrees with the humidity at 90 to 97 percent. With the real feel temperature at 103 to 104 degrees. I have lived in Florida all my life and have never seen weather like this before. The daylily blooms are lovely but the foliage is suffering from fungus causing much black spot and rust. The plants are not very pretty this year. You can say “the fungus is among us” and be correct. I am happy to say that the photographs have turned out nice and will be posted as year 2018 pictures. I haven’t decided yet to post all of the pictures or just the new varieties as it depends on the space available on the web site. I hope you enjoy them as much as Theresa and I do.Daylily Garden - 22 May 18 IMG_6597

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